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Strathearn Inaugural Release

Strathearn Inaugural Release


Limited to 1 bottle per customer!


Located in Highland Perthshire, an area with a rich Whisky distilling heritage owing to its spectacular landscape and freshwater lochs, Strathearn Distillery is sited on the outskirts of Perth, the first capital of Scotland. From one of Scotland's smallest distilleries comes one of the country's mightiest Malts. Prioritising flavour over alcohol yield, Strathearn is one of, if not the only distillery to still use Marris Otter Malt, which produces a deliciously creamy, malty new-make spirit. Crafted to perfection, our spirit is matured in the finest casks, from which it takes on an immensely rich and refined flavour, from small acorns...



Anticipate a rich Malted barley depth with gentle oak on the nose.



The mouth-coating, syrupy palate brings honey and buttercream with baking spice and dried apricots.



The warming finish is long with home baking and buttery oak biscuits.

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