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Private & bespoke events

We offer private & bespoke events for individuals and businesses and can cater for up to 10 seated or 15 standing pax. Events can be organised as necessary but generally we offer tutored tasting masterclasses alongside canapés. We can offer a broad range of alcoholic beverages and work with a number of local food partners to cater to your needs.

Food catering

We love our community and that love extends to our "local food heroes". We always try to partner with an independent, local food business. Wether you're looking to serve single-origin chocolates, especially selected locally aged cheese or indeed provide a more elaborate menu, we are happy to call our local friends and provide a suitable, delicious solution.


Liquid entertainment

Wether you're looking for a whisky masterclas, a fine wine journey exploring a certain style or region, or even a "Casino-Royale" Martini night, we can curate a bespoke and unique experience designed to satisfy the thirstiest of the palates.

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