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Midgard Artic Single Malt Whisky

Midgard Artic Single Malt Whisky


Bivrost Midgard single malt whisky is handcrafted in the world’s northernmost distillery in Arctic Norway at 69ºN. The malt is made from Nordic barley, distilled in a hi-tech still and diluted with glacial meltwater. The fusion of modern distilling technology and tradition.  

The whisky has been stored in carefully selected Bourbon and Sherry casks. It was allowed to mature in an old, underground NATO storage, as well as a modern Viking longhouse. The temperature variations are vast, with an average, yearly temperature of only 0.6ºC.

Cask Types: Bourbon and Sherry

Limited Release

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Oriental spices, clove and vanilla with dried fruits and some sandel wood.

Palate: Massive body, oily and long finish, with a hint of oak. Oloroso and dried fruits.

Finish: A long and pleasant finish.

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