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Daftmill 15yo Cask Strength (2007)

Daftmill 15yo Cask Strength (2007)


Strictly one bottle per customer (SOLD OUT!)



Daftmill is a farm distillery. Owned and operated by the Cuthbert family, it only runs in the farm’s quiet periods; midsummer and winter, sometimes producing as few as 100 casks per year. When not distilling, Francis Cuthbert looks after the estate, growing the malting barley used to make this Lowland whisky.

The malt used to make this whisky is from the barley variety Optic. A variety that went on to become the mainstay for the Scotch whisky industry for several years..

The thirteen casks in this bottling are all first fill ex bourbon barrels distilled in January or August 2007. They were matured in the upper level of the warehouse before being bottled in July 2023 at the traditional Fife strength.



Nose: the richness of a slightly more mature age is apparent, with more biscuity sweetness, tiny waxy notes and a more complex herbal profile that involves bay leaf, lemon thyme and verbena. There’s also further richer notes such as chamois leather and grassy olive oil. Water reveals more notes of lemon oils, slightly medicinal influences and pine sap.


Palate: grassy and waxy with many impressions of old school shilling ales, barley extract and mineral oils. A good deal fatter in texture than younger Daftmills and showing more rich and spicy wood influence. With water it is once again more herbal, more oily in texture and still on sweet beers, toffee apple and wood spices.


Finish: good length, nicely sappy, spicy, herbal and oily.

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