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CocoCaravan Cabruca

CocoCaravan Cabruca


This is the first Bio Dynamic chocolate produced in the UK.

The Cabruca Cooperative is situated within the heart of the Atlantic Forest’s central corridor in southern Bahia. The Cabruca is a rarity on itself. It’s cacao is produced following the bio dynamic farming principles. This is considered to be Organic - Plus. Besides already the basics of organic farming, bio dynamic farming focuses on the health of the farm in it’s entirety, promoting great soil health and abundant space for wildlife.

This Bahia region presents ideal conditions for cultivating premium cacao, thanks to its tropical climate with abundant rainfall and the natural shade and fertile organic matter provided by the native Mata Atlantica rainforest.

The cooperative actively promotes diversified agroforestry systems, all their products are cultivated using organic and biodynamic methods and have a steadfast commitment to conserving the precious Atlantic Forest.

Flavour notes: intense chocolaty body, well-balanced bitterness, sweetness of dried fruits like prunes and woody and tobacco tones

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