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CocoCaravan Arturo

CocoCaravan Arturo


This amazing cacao bean is grown on the famous ‘Fazenda Comboa estate’ in the Bahia region of Brazil, in the area known as the “Costa do Cacao”, or the Cacao Coast.

The regions home to the Mata Atlantica rainforest, where the tropical climate and common rain make the perfect combination for growing cacao. The cacao crop is grown in the rainforest itself, using the rich soils beneath the trees combined with agroforestry to protect the rainforest from degradation.

Arturo Carvalho, after whom we named this bar, founded the Fazenda Comboa estate in 1942, and over the next few decades the estate grew to be one of the largest cacao producers in Brazil. In 1989 the farm was devastated by a disease known as “Witches Broom”. The estate’s current owners, Arthur and Eduardo Carvalho, great grandsons of Arturo, managed to save their cacao trees and saved the farm.

In 2007 the estate was granted organic status and has grown to be the largest producer of organic cacao in Brazil.

The flavour profile of this direct-traded cacao is woody-chocolatey, with a finish of silky smooth port.

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