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CocoCaravan Arhuaco

CocoCaravan Arhuaco


Ingredients: organic cacao beans (100%)

The Arhuaco people grow these amazing cacao, they are the traditional people of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia. Their farming approaches are ecologically sensitive and spiritually attuned to the living earth. We at CocoCaravan didn’t want to distort any of that great energy that they put into the care of this cacao and thought it best to keep it at 100%, no sugars, no infusions, just pure chocolate.

The simplicity of the recipe and our craftsmanship bring the flavours of these sacred beans to the heart of this bar of chocolate. This bar picked up a Golden Medal in the International Chocolate Awards in 2019.

Crafted with passion. We work with single estate raw cacao and stone grind the beans for at least 96 hours.

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