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Nc'Nean Quiet Rebels - Gordon

Nc'Nean Quiet Rebels - Gordon


This year, the whisky has been chosen by Nc'Nean's distillery manager Gordon. Gordon waved goodbye to one of Scotland’s whisky giants back in 2017, and made his way even further up the west coast to Morvern to lead our whisky production. Since then Gordon has been passing on his years of experience to our growing team of distillers, helping shape our team and our spirit as we know it today. He is so at home on the west coast that he is rarely seen wearing more than a t-shirt, even in winter! 


Gordon believes that a great whisky should leave your mouth looking for more, and this delicious combination of STR red wine, ex-sherry and ex-Rivesaltes casks certainly does just that. It’s velvety, rich, and creamy.


8,688 bottles / 48.5% abv / 70cl / Certified organic / vegan friendly / gluten free

Natural colour / Non-chill filtered

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