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JJ Corry The Gael

JJ Corry The Gael


Named after the bicycle that her fellow entrepreneur (and Victorian kindred spirit) JJ Corry designed, built, cycled and sold. More than a nod to her predecessor, The Gael represents the first leg of our journey in the revival of Irish Whiskey Bonding.


Comprised of some of the oldest whiskeys in our library of flavours, The Gael is the perfect representation of our fruit bomb house style with layers of complexity.



An immediate hit of Irish Whiskey’s signature orchard fruits—with a suggestion of ripe red apple but dominated by white peaches and apricots. Floral notes, and hints of freshly cut lawns and Douglas Fir dance around those stone fruits.


Orange hard candy develops into candied orange peel, before giving way to cooked stone-fruit flavours: apricot frangipane tart and peach cobbler.



5-30 years old





SECOND FILL: Sherry Hogsheads (Oloroso & PX)

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