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Chorlton TDL Trinidad Rum 13yo

Chorlton TDL Trinidad Rum 13yo


This is a particularly fruity single cask Trinidad rum!

The nose has peaches, bananas, honeysuckle, guava and pineapple jam, with some rather funkier notes of green olives, liquorice comfits, petrol and dark chocolate in the background. The palate has huge mangos and grapefruits, liquorice and peppermint oil. The finish is wonderfully chunky, with marmalade, mango jam, herbal pastilles, tar and dark chocolate.

This is exuberantly fruity, but with a hint of herbal bitterness that keeps it feeling like a “grown-up” treat. (Angostura Bitters are made at the same distillery, coincidentally.) It’s also incredibly easy to drink at full strength – be careful!

This rum was aged for ten years in the tropics, and the rest in the UK. The barrel produced 275 bottles at a cask strength of 64.2%

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