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Bruichladdich Organic 2012

Bruichladdich Organic 2012


Embrace purity and intention with Bruichladdich Organic Barley 2012. Sustainably farmed and supporting soil health, this whisky highlights the extraordinary clarity of flavour from the organically grown barley, elegantly balanced with notes of creamy fudge, honeyed citrus, and subtle spice.


Mid Coul farm, located close to Inverness in the north of Scotland, grew and harvested our first crop of Organic barley back in 2003. A progressive 2,755-acre estate, Mid Coul has a closed-loop fertility system that generates electricity using an anaerobic digester while allowing almost all waste material to be recycled as fertiliser. 

Made with 100% Scottish barley, Bruichladdich Organic Barley 2012 is an example of a single malt working harmoniously with the land. The barley is sustainably farmed without agrochemicals, fertilisers or pesticides and supports the soil it was grown in.  

With no artificial input, the barley grown for The Organic 2012 is the purest expression of its terroir. Benefiting from a slow distillation and matured exclusively on Islay, the latest vintage showcases the clarity of flavour from the barley with notes of creamy fudge, honeyed citrus and subtle spice – with a beautifully rounded mouthfeel.

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