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Little Brown Dog - Arran 2009 St Emilion Barrique

Little Brown Dog - Arran 2009 St Emilion Barrique


Arran 2009 St Emilion Barrique (Single Cask)

You know we love an Arran here and the Lochranza distillery plays an important part in LBD history.

This cask is rather unique, in a good way! This is a full maturation refill cask so it is not death by wine. What makes this one even more interesting is that it is from the first unpeated distillation, after a peated run, so it used the peated low wines and feints from the previous distillation but from an unpeated mash. It’s therefore got this incredibly gentle peaty background that has softened with age. The label is marbled but looks not unlike how you would describe Hutton’s unconformity, a what now? It’s a geological discovery made on Arran, and yes, we are geeks.

260 bottles at cask strength, non chill filtered and natural colour.

Colour – Maple Syrup
Nose – Plum jam, raspberry jelly, embers of a doused fire
Palate – Barbequed pineapple,  chocolate digestives, lucky tatties
Finish – Signature Arran white pepper and light surprise peat.

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